Bio Hazard Cleaning

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Are you prepared? Now is the time to prepare for COVID-19.

Now is the time to prepare for COVID-19. 

Simple precautions and planning can make a big difference. Action this now and this will help protect your customers, staff and visitors.


 As you will be aware Coronavirus is dominating the headlines at the moment and as a business it is important that you act quickly and efficiently to help protect your staff, customers, and visitors and ensure your business or organisation can continue to run as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption.

To help reduce the spread of infection, in addition to your everyday cleaning it is recommended that enhanced cleaning processes are introduced, in the form of deep cleaning.

Waterforce Property Services have being carrying out deep cleans for over 10 years, on a number of sites. These include office blocks, schools and retail units. Therefore, we are equipped and experienced in dealing with these situations. 

Deep cleaning requires specific skills, formal application methods and products that achieve hygienic results. It removes the build up from "hard to reach" areas which are inaccessible to daily cleaners and focuses on the main causes of bacteria growth and maladours that daily cleaning doesn't properly eliminate.

The chemicals used are dispensed through a fogger to generate tiny droplets of specialist disinfectant that cover every surface, it is fast, efficient and extremely water-wise and provides an extra layer of protection against cross-contamination.

All the chemicals used are carefully vetted and come with COSHH data sheets and risk assessments.

Deep cleans can be carried out on a periodic basis, especially for areas that are either difficult to clean, difficult to reach or require more "heavy duty" cleaning that everyday cleaners can provide or as one off cleans.

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